Full HRH

Feeding the unfortunate, lost, lonely, hungry, rough sleepers and homeless

What is Full HRH?

We are a non profit start-up organisation, trying to start-up. Our aim is to raise awareness of current social issues for the unfortunate part of society and highlight the issues are not getting any better.  By plugging some of the feeding gaps that exist. Currently we feed around 100 – 120 people a month. At t his point, (July 2019) since Easter 2018 we have served approx, 1900 full Sunday roast Dinners. I believe this is a gap in the charities market for this service, because what we do is unique. We serve all our dinners out on the street on Manor Street, Plymouth. 

 We are currently look for a more permanent premises.  We only require this once a fortnight for 3 hours, kitchen and seating is required (and no rent of course!)


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