About Godcraft

About Godcraft.

  1. Facilitate – To produce a new platform to facilitate discussions around & dig deeper into what Christ did and is doing in the world today.
  2. Societal Breakdown – Talk About, as we move away from the world God first designed it to that society is coming apart, I.E society breakdown, we see it everywhere.
  3. Global Change – Not global warming but signs of the times, thoughts & teachings
  4. A hot potato for the modern day church Spiritual War – To Shine a light on & expose the hidden spritual war & battles currently, mostly being waged in secret.
  5. Power & Healings – Personal stories and testimonies of wonderfull power & healings & coincidence.
  6. Science Vs God? – Evolution vs creation. Science is a handy way God allows us to know about some of his creation, but only some. Where we went wrong is making science our God & unearthing some bible stories.
  7. Message – To keep focused on Jesus & his message, demystifying the Kingdom of God to the common man. To focus this information on non church goers & non belivers. To get the message out there before it’s too late. To demistify the Kingdom of God to people outside of church.


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